One of my auntie, Amai (that's Auntie in Malabar just in case :p) Bibi did my henna for the wedding. She did it for my sister and I just thought why bother finding one when you already have one among your relatives? Ahh and her elder sister did my mom's henna for her weding pulak. Hehe.

She came on Friday night around 9.30pm. I just had my dinner, settled few things and grab the most comfy pillow to sit on for the next 5 hours. When she was just about to start on my foot, she asked;

"Nak kasut ke tak?"

"Kakak awak dulu buat kasut, tu saya tanya dulu awak nak kasut ke tak? Karang dah buat tak boleh tukar"

Mama: Buat lah kasut. Malbari semua buat kasut. Baru la cantik..

I was trying very hard to remember my sister's feet. Ok not that bad.

My sister's.
Then when she started to wrap all my toes? Oh my gosh! At this point, there was no way turning back T_T

And what did I get?

Malbari's feet! 

And since it was a homemade henna, grind by my auntie herself, you should imagine how long does it take to at least toning it down a bit. I still used a fully covered shoes or pumps until now. Yes, still there!

As for my hand, I just wanted a simple design on my palms so I asked Mehrul to do it for me, during my make up for the reception. I google-ed some pictures as her reference and it couldn't be prettier! She did it, even for an amateur! She used a Pakistan's henna brought by her bf, Hussain (Thanks Hussain :) ) and touched up my nails using Rani.
To tell you the truth, this is my 2nd time wearing henna on my fingers :| The first time, I got scolded by my mom and that was 15 years ago. So I was excited looking at all my nails 0_0

After 9 days;

The henna on my fingers started to disappear this week and so after 3 weeks;

And my feet?

  Yeah still there. Tsk tsk.


Maneesa said…
baru perasan i got 'star' on my feet!
Sabrina said…
I love putting on inai kat kuku. rasa mcm pakai nail polish. hehe.

cantik kaki!! Hahaha =D
chezzem said…
kakak: haah laaa... Hahahahahaha!!

Sab: Me too! Tapi kat kaki je. Haha. Tgn nanti kena bising :p


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