How I plan my wedding.


I just know what I want for my wedding, stick to it and pray its gonna be ok.

Planning a wedding can be quite stressful,or can be fun. Either way its your choice. Other than the never ending headache working with the budget, I think to sit down and settle with a date can be quite challenging. At least for me :p

We changed the date three times! All because we had no further reason to hold it a little bit longer (even its just 3 months apart haha) and we actually did booked with few vendors so we need to work within their availability. Phew! Until one point I was too malu to called one of the vendor, I asked Obe to do it for me.

Next is the budget. But let me just leave this part hahaha. We failed planning our wedding within our budget, so me is the least person you wanna talk to :p But just saying, you should have a budget! Like a must! But just in case you cannot work within your budget, fret not, that's what your fiance is for! Haha.

Get inspirational! If you can spend hours browsing on the net, then start browsing some wedding websites! My top picks would be;
  1. Wedding Chicks
  2. Ruffled Blog
  3. Green Wedding Shoes
  4. Elizabeth Anne Design
  5. Style Me Pretty
There are tons of wedding websites on the net, just find some that are useful, including the bride to be blogs, they could be very helpful! Create a wedding folder with a lot of inspirational picture for every details, and if you are rajin like me (or my sister), make a wedding binder/journal. Print few stuff that you really like (and plan to do for your wedding. Kang membazir ink and kertas T_T ), paste it on your journal, make a few notes etc. Bring your journal from finding a vendor, buying material for your dress and even scouting for doorgifts!

Mine has a lot of stuff in there including all the receipts, so no way I am gonna show it to you guys! Hahaha.

Ok so by this point, you should have a theme for the wedding!

I'd settled for nude/dusty teal for the solemnization and dusty fuschia/yellow/grey for the reception. And vintage-shabby chic for the overall theme. I know it not a customary for Malay's to have some sorts of themes for their wedding but I always go against the rule, I am just cool like that *puke* Hahahaha. But look on a brighter side, everyone thought every single details of the wedding is sooooooo me.

I just thought you shouldn't have a Javanese attire with english vintage set dais or a white wedding dress with gold decorated dais? Yes, that is against the rule but it shouldn't work like that.

Once you have some sort of a theme for the wedding, start compiling and decide on what you want for every details, e.g. dais, dress, centrepiece etc. You will get pretty gullible at this stage but like what I said, I know what I want for my wedding so I just stick to it. And realistic, I scratched off few things listed on my list or things that are impossible due to time or money.

So this is what I get;

Dessert table.


Main table.

Nikah dais.

Pelamin position + lantern (for the decorator).


And this is all for all bride to be out there, don't be a copycat. Haha. Ok. I have problem with copycats since back then so I don't like to copy exactly what other people do. You should get a personal touches in your wedding, so just be inspired, and not copying!

Once I have listed all my wedding details and be inspirational, I started to do a checklist (I don't do a timeframe like what my sister did! Haha. She was just too perfectionist! Hahaha!), on what do to, vendors etc. I think most of the other brides pun ada, just copy one and amend where's needed.

Selecting vendors can also be quite stressful. Its either too expensive or not available *sigh* Alhamdulillah, I had no problem (but not all!) except one when my dais decorator bailed out 2 months before the wedding. Erks! But Alhamdulillah I found an even better decorator that time, still within budget but sans fresh flowers :( 

I think the most important thing is not to be too stressful preparing for the wedding! I know its cliche but just don't stress yourself out. When things don't go according to what you'd planned, just take a deep breath and Istighfar. I keep on telling myself, I won't get exactly what I had planned but at least just a slight of it would make me relieved.

I was calm when the decorator bails out, even took a week to find another one. The other decorator was not that easy to get in touch with, I only get my sketch 2 weeks before the wedding (sampai plan nak DIY pelamin, just in case hehe). The canopy people was late arranging the tables and scallop, but that is not for me to stress about hehe. The initial plan using watercolour effect (DIY) pinwheels didn't went well so I just bought some hard paper closest to the my theme from Popular. Went twice. My sister dah geleng kepala masa ni, but I just said "Boleh boleh boleh....". Cake in a jar for VIP as the doorgifts weren't enough. Or more like I was effing tired after nikah I had to baked twice and only managed half of the doorgifts, and it was almost 6am! So I just leave it, woke up three hours later and asked my mom to buy Ferero Rocher to top it up. I did planned to deco my dessert table a bit extravagant but c'mon, as a bride sempat eh? Haha. 

And many more.

My concept is: kalau sempat dapat, tak sempat apa yang ada je.

All in all, I love my wedding :) Happy planning people!


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