The solemnization.

The ijab and qabul is something very personal to woman's heart. It is something to be remember and at where you'll see everyone will get all teary and high of emotion. Not exactly a sad event but it touches everyone's heart.

I decided to do it at home instead, after Isya'. After all the application process has been approved by JAIJ, I just leave everything to my brother to settle with the kadi. We had two options: one is Imam Hj. Rasyid, and the other one is someone we are unfamiliar with. Abang called the latter kadi, but didn't get any respond even when he had made an appointment with him. So he just go with Imam Hj. Rasyid. Asked any couples from Pasir Gudang, Imam Hj. Rasyid apparently is a very well known kadi. And strict. And scary at first.

On the day of my solemnization day, Abang told me he lost Imam's phone number. And that was during Asar. I almost got panic but decided to call few of my friends who did with Imam as well. Alhamdulillah managed to get his number from Sabrina. Abang called him at 6pm to reconfirm on the time and all.

I just had a 3 hours sleep the day before. I thought I was zombified but no, I wasn't. Washed the henna at 2.30am and continue doing my nikah pelamin until 5am! Mom was getting worried when she saw me stitching the paper on the curtain but I kept assuring her not to worry. Wait for subuh then hit the sack immediately.

SMSes  kept pouring in around 8.30am T_T so I was wide awake by then. Had a bath, breakfast then start baking for my humble dessert buffet. At this point, I almost like giving up but keep on motivating myself haha.   Alhamdulillah finished everything at 4pm, checked the garden and pelamin, reconfirm with Abang on the time then went to fetched the photographer with Syima at a nearby hotel. 

And start prepping up for the akad...

Edit: It was raining heavily before Maghrib that made me restless but I just keep it calm and pray the rain would stop before the akad. Alhamdulillah it did! We also had a prayer after Maghrib by my grandmother's Ustaz from malabar's madrasah.
The bridesmaid.

Obe arrived around 9.15pm and Imam Rasyid later arrived around 9.30pm. I was getting anxious and there were me and Syima left in my room. Then Kakak came;

Kakak: Obe dah sampai tau! Get ready.
Me: Handsome tak Obe? Hahahaha!
Kakak: Macam tepung gomak! 
Me: Seriously??

Alhamdulillah, sekali lafaz, I am now Mrs. Obe :)

Imas Rasyid was very pleasant that evening. He was cool, sporting and even joke around. All of us had a really good time laughing at his jokes, well mostly kenakan Obe. Seriously kena tengok video then you'll know :p

We didn't do the kiss on the forehead scene, the Imam didn't allow us to since its not a sunnah by the Prophet, so he asked Obe to put his palm on my head.

Imam: Letak tangan kat situ, pening la pengantin perempuan tu nanti..

*burst out laughter*

Imam: Hah atas sikit.

 Why he was laughing? Why all the people at the back laughed?

During batal air sembahyang (which Imam said tak batal pun pasal dah batal way beforehand during salam after nikah, another joke!), Obe put on a bracelet on me as a gift. The Imam was saying something like this to Obe for him to follow;

Imam: Terima lah..... hadiah dari saya.
Obe: Terimalah hadiah dari saya.
Imam: Semoga?
Obe: Semoga? *looked at Imam*
Imam: Kanda setia pada dinda....


Sumpah best Imam Rasyid!

After selawat and everything, all the guests were ushered to the tables for dinner whilst the newlyweds had some camwhoring session.

 Obe's big family from Rompin and Johor. Yes Obe orang Pahang+Johor T_T Bukan Terengganu ye.

 Moi family *hearts*

Ok fine fine fine. No more flirting *sigh* Props were made by Nasyi! She was so ecstatic she had prepared few props for us! Haha.

*Pictures courtesy from Jofanna Bridal, my sister and Nasyi.

edit: I know Johor is famous with the Keluarga Sakinah ritual. I didn't get mine :( Maybe it was too late?


anariffin said…
congrates for both of yg sgt sweet plus pengantin yg super duper sweet..
obe my clazmate time kecik2..n macam x caye lak..kawen da mamat ni..dapat wifey sangat amazing lg..congrates again..!
chezzem said…
Thank you dear :D Thank you thank you. Alhamdulillah :) Oh ye ke? Nanti I tanya Obe ingat tak. Hehe. Kalau you ada kerteh, early Oct bertandang kat sana ;)
anariffin said…
oh ye ke..insyaallah..coz now x stay kat tganu.thanx for inviting..hehe..clazmate tym kat smkc..tak sangka sgt..coz keep jd sr kat blog u..then pengantin tu...? hahaha.. u r really amaze dear..sgt2 kagum..=)
chezzem said…
Alaaa I'm nothing dear :) You plan your wedding best2 oke! Nanti regret hehe

ps: obe cakap "Farhana kan??" haha
anariffin said…
hahahaha...ingt lagi die..
yup now tengah planning..n wish everything will go smooth as urs..
doakan me ye..hehe..
chezzem said…
InsyaAllah amin :)
botak0002 said…
bestnye ustaz rashid! sempoi jer!

p/s: selama ni silent reader.skrg baru munculkan diri.hehe
chezzem said…
Hahahaha. Best! Memang best! Some people experienced die garang and strict, but maybe mood die ok sgt kot malam tu. Hehe.

And Hello :)

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