A little update

Time flies so fast when you're around your hubby you don't even have a minute to spare, ay? Hehe. Finally went back to JB last week on the 31st, went back home and saw this; 

Still there. Still there. Tsk tsk.

A couple of days after that, took a bus to KL for the first time after years of not riding one, got all dizzy and almost puke when I arrived to the destination. Hehe!

And spend our first iftar and sahuur as a husband and wife ;)

Later that weekend went to Kerteh to meet the family in law, spend a night and drove to Rompin to meet Obe's grandparents and spend another night there. Finally reached JB that morning and I get all gassy sobs.

And now, still in Seri Kembangan after changing the flight ticket (should actually be back on the 6th!). Hahaha someone (or make it two?) reluctant to be separated for a week! Looking forward for raya this year in Sabah!


~lonelyna~ said…
make it two? sudah ada isi kah?:D
mRs sYa said…

inside ur tummy???
chezzem said…
Oh gosh guys!!! Hahaha belum laaaa. It was me & Obe :p

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