Death will always be a reminder..

I was very sleepy when my alarm rang this morning around 4am. Reluctantly, I opened my eyes and saw 4 missed calls from Obe (phone went silent all night by itself grr) and a BBM;

"Baby, Aki dah meninggal.. Al-Fatihah :'("

Called him rightaway, apologized and he was already on his way to meet his brother in Sepang.

 Surah Al-Araf, verse 34.

 Surah Hud, verse 6.

Death does not scare me,
What makes me tremble with fear, and fills me with pain and anxiety,
Is what waits for me in the next life of eternity. 
Have I really done enough?
Have I fulfilled my purpose of life? 
Was I a good and obedient slave?
Or will my punishment start in my grave? 
O Possessor of Majesty and Honor! When You send the angel of death for me
I pray that You grant me one last request and plea. 
When I meet him, and fear jams in my throat over my pending death,
And with each passing second it becomes harder and harder to take a breath,
And the echo of his uncompromising words still resounding in my ears,
While the utter sadness of time spent in forgetfulness wetting my face with tears, 
I pray that You let my last ninety-nine breathes be the ones I use to praise and Glorify You. 
By Hamdi Farah

I am glad even when he was sick, he made it to our wedding. He even had the chance to merenjis.

I am glad we took the unplanned sleepover at Rompin and get to spend a good an hour or so (before he dozed off) just chatting and watching Olympics.

I am glad to get to know him within this very short of time.



ros said…
may he rested in peace. al fatihah
Niena Azman said…
sorry to hear this. al fatihah..

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