Salam Syawal!

And there, Ramadhan passed by in a blink. Definitely gonna miss the Ramadhan although I spend the first 2 weeks alone eating none other than instant food and craps. Looking forward for the next one since I do admit there were so many flaws and so many improvements need to be done. And this time, I missed the last 10 days of Ramadhan :( Which something that I looked forward to since early Ramadhan. My menses came after 6 months went missing (read here), Alhamdulillah, God is Great. We were thinking to start a treatment after marriage but  due to money constraint we hold it for a while. But Allah has an even better solution for us (and saves us a lot too!). We did not put so much hope but at least I know I can still get my menses naturally (or at least it's bleed, ok thats another story actually) and I have a 63 days menstrual cycle hahaha. So, 'lek lek luuuuuu'.

Oh and Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin! Should have mention it first :p

I didn't get to ponder over my raya last year, had no idea back then it would be the last Raya as a single. But nothing changed this year I think except that Obe was there with me. The whole family except Kakak and Bux came to Sabah for raya this year. We were quite excited at first but I guess after 3 years, everything has changed? The only thing we were hyped about was the homemade lemang by the boys.

Nevertheless, it was still a beautiful day spend with all the families :)

We only managed to snap few family pictures in the evening after Obe insisted to have some.

And went crazy playing with the horse, Danish and the boys.

Family went back to JB on 2nd Syawal so me and Obe decided to go to Kudat, the tip of Borneo just to kill the time. It was just a simple town, Keningau lagi meriah haha.

Went to Tg. Simpang Mengayau for sunset but it was getting really windy I just couldn't bare walking down the tip with my maxi skirt T_T Obe was devastated at first but I really couldn't walk when my skirt was blown away by the strong wind.

Went back to KK the next day, hurriedly pack the luggage and Obe was ready for his flight to KL.

And leaves me, sobs!


Joanne Juend said…
63 days menses?
Mine 90 days. Ha ha ha

Now u can wonder y we still single. ;)

Selamat hari raya!
chezzem said…
Haha on average, after plus minus all missing months since last year :p takpe. reynold gagah hehehehe!

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