Wedding Card

I'd always wanted an intimate wedding, small reception, on beach, with close family, and enjoy every single bits of the wedding.

Reality check. *crick crick*

Nope. Aint no gonna get it. Haha.

And so started planning on the small little details so that it has a personal touch from me since its my wedding anyway. So I started off with my wedding card.

It wasn't that easy at first. I know I wanted that specific design card. I asked few friends to help but it was hard to explain and critics at the same time when he do it for free (and he bailed out anyway) and few vendors (none has come up with the design so far so they would require at least 2 months to get it done and way beyond my dateline). So in the end, I decided to do it myself.


I wanted a watercolour effect wedding card to suit the wedding theme. Oh and I did tried making it from scratch, I mean using watercolour and all. I know my sister was laughing her ass off behind my back because it failed! What was I thinking anyway? 700 invitations from scratch?

I downloaded Adobe Illustrator and learn how to crack after asking few people. The dateline was approaching and within two days, I came up with this;

The map wasn't exactly like what I imagined (did for Obe's card too, the map was way better!) :( Did it the whole night before Obe went for printing the next day.

He went to one of the printing shop in Jalan Brunei, brought our own paper (linen in off white) and it was way cheaper than getting linen card from other vendors in A5 size. But the only thing was, we had to print for 1000pcs.

And I love my wedding card to bits!

As for Obe's (what the heck, just spill the beans here!), after deciding here and there, looking for the most likely wedding card, we finally decided to again, design another card this time for Obe's. Obe sangat fussy T_T He rejected few of my designs and we finally came out with one during our trip to Kudat during Raya.

But for 500pcs, his card was way expensive than mine! Apparently my card (JB) was too simple hence the cheap price. We just went for it since the wedding is a month away and we don't even have a card (yet). Hopefully it will be ready next week.

Also in A5, for him:

I prefer his clean map than mine. *sigh*

Whatever. Bakat lambat datang hahaha.


Niena Azman said…
miss ! design your own wedding card??? you r so talented. untung enchik fariq.. hehehe
Hai shaleen...nice card n very the rajin effort, i ingt i sorang je yg trpikir nak design kad sndiri gune adobe (perasan) haha...if u dont mind, i nak tny berapa cost utk print sekeping kad tu & u print katne? depan blkg kan? Tot of doing it too for my wedding... Pm me pliss....
chezzem said…
niena: haha simple je design die tuuuu.

wani:yaeyyyyyy! design lagi puas :p nanti i'll email u k ;)

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