A niece!

I don't hate clinic or visiting a doctor when I get sick. I just hate it when you were there, suddenly you are no longer sick from fever (the temperature suddenly drop?) or the doctor told me it was just all stress or it will be gone in a day or two.

Went to the clinic earlier this week, no fever just dry cough. The day after, the cough gone. Then after few days, another episode of cough and fever kicking in; started with inflammation of the tonsil. And just like that I had this 3 in 1 combo; fever, cough and flu T_T for three days now!

But the good news is, actually I do have several good news to be share. Hehe.

Alanna Dahlia, Danish's sister ;) Born on 19th of October. Supposed to be due on my birthday but ah well, she loves her auntie so much haha.
 Pictures from our OP are here!

And now that we are one step closer of being close to each other, no more being parted by an ocean, I just hope that everything goes as what we have planned. InsyaAllah.


Fara Fadzil said…
comelnye baby nihhh..
nway, sekarang nih musim hujan..sbb tuh lambat nak baik sakit kot...
get well soon..:)
chezzem said…
Bam bam! 4.1kg! Haha. Sebijik muka abang dia masa kecik.

Tu lah. Petang je hujan T_T Thank you! Hehe
Joanne Juend said…

normal ka c-sec nih?

so.. u r moving to the arms of ur hubby lah ni.. hihi..

good luck ;)
LisaLisut said…
seddapnya namaaaa.secomel orgnya.putih gebu!!!! Alanna! sedapnyeee
chezzem said…
Kak joan: csec. Hehe. Danish berjaya normal even 4kg. Yg ni tak dapat pulak haha.

Not yet. But soon, soon :)

Lisa: hehe memang sedap nama. excited pulak nak balik ni!
I. said…
sekarang mmg style album gitu kan?
with frame dekat cover.
aku suke la.
chezzem said…
Itu DVD, bukan album haha.

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