Nasha Aziz Joke

I'd been wanting to cut my hair after the wedding. And since the last cut was a year ago, when Obe had an interview in JB last week even its only for a day I found a solid reason to tag along.

He drop me off at the mall and I went to my favourite saloon.

Went back home, he liked it (yeah that's what husband should do right even if its an afro?).

Few days after that;

Obe: You tahu tak, I tengok you macam sape? Puas I fikir macam sape la familiar sangat.
Me: Hah? Sape?

*big grin*

"Nasha Aziz!"


Yeah, that's the beginning of the Nasha Aziz joke -_-


Maneesa said…
hahahaahaahahh *gelak guling guling*
chezzem said…
I take it as a compliment, no?

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