Of hantaran.

When we first started planning on getting engaged, we'd planned out on what to give on the hantaran trays for the engagement and wedding. Just because we wanted it to be something that is useful and still within our budget. 


Sangat penting. Ahah!

Some people would go for fancy, posh and luxury items but us on the other hand, despite having a deep desire to having one, we'd realized there's no way we could afford one :| 

As usual, my hantarans were beautifully made by my lovely sister! After few discussions on the concept and theme, I just let her work her magic fingers on the hantaran. She even sew a new lapik hantaran to fit the vintage theme! Hehe. Love it!

Only that, both sides of the hantaran were almost identical :p

I like the sirih junjung the most!

And for the hantaran from Obe, this time around after the drama hiring someone to do the hantaran for the engagement, Obe's sisters, cousins and aunties were in charged preparing the hantaran. 

Yes, we don't accept dowry. Obe is so lucky! Grrrr.

Don't worry. I won't stop pestering him buying me stuff. Because obviously I have a right, don't I? Haha.


Maneesa said…
oh well.....oppsiee haahahah bole plak same color theme
chezzem said…
Ada orang confius kaler hahaha
I. said…
loveeee the cake!
simple but pretty
chezzem said…
Haah tapi cair sobsss

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