I did abandoned this blog, don't I?

We just had our 2nd reception aka bertandang ceremony in Kerteh last weekend. And to tell you the truth, unlike the 1st reception, the second ones did drained my energy, time, sleep, patience and obviously money. But Alhamdulillah despite all the flaws here and there and hiccups, at least it was all over now.

And I finally can breathe again. Along with some mild fever. And dry cough. Cis. Was sick for the past three weeks (no am not pregnant!), and went to the clinic yesterday. At least I could get some decent sleep through the night, phew.

And because of all the stress from the preparations, 4 pimples popped up on the wedding day. Nice.

Anyway, since we took a shoot and burn package for bertandang, we've got all the images on hand now. But review will start after JB's hehe.

Here, enjoy one stunt from the album :D


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