Post birthday. Well not that many, hehe.

For those who don't know, it was my birthday last week. I almost forgot the upcoming birthday that week too.

The day before my birthday, friends came over to our house. I invited them for tea, never intended to celebrate my birthday (I forgot remember?), but only for some fried mee and keropok lekor and some catching up and also to give our wedding doorgifts from Kerteh.

They arrived, with a cake. A 'Happy Birthday Auntie Shaleen' cake.

That night, me and Obe went to KL to meet somebody and had our supper at Burger Bakar Abg Burn. Went back home and feeling sleepy, almost had gastric, I almost dozed off actually but then decided to check the fridge.

Saw Baskin's Robbin wrapper, asked Afi where it came from, but never thought it was for me!

I had my 2nd birthday celebration that night. Along with those two fella from Dubai haha. Love you guys!

And here, Alanna Dahlia.

And even Danish was no longer the spotlight when Alanna was there. Haha. Spot at the back?

Don't worry Danish. Auntie surely will always loves you. But you really need to say 'Auntie Lyn' first. Aiyooo this boy.



Maneesa said…
gigi danish dh penuh!
chezzem said…
Show your teeth! *big grin* hahahaha

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