Make up: Reception.

Life has been hectic lately, but who doesn't kan? *sigh* I have a week for a grant submission. Not a oh-I-have-so-many-time-let's-procrastinate one week, but more of I was told to apply for a grant within a week T_T

From gear 1 directly to gear 5, pancit!

Surprisingly, I sleep early everyday which is a good thing! And woke up early too, big darn.

So let's get to business ;)

I know everyone been having problems with getting the right MUA for your big day. You wanted to be dolled up prettier than Siti Nurhaliza (haha just saying!) but as classy as Kate Middleton. You don't want to  look like a walking mask, over-do make up which took away all those radiance you get from the one month collagen boost.

I listed down few MUA that I like. Top was Lova Cinta. Texted her and yikes, the price was heaping expensive! What was I thinking? There were only a couple of months left and so I texted another MUA, Anna Cherie. The price was quite reasonable (although still expensive) as I don't have to pay for accommodation but there were just something about her make up that made me had a second thought.

So I stop it right there on bringing a Klang Valley's MUA down to south.

Next, called one of the famous bridal in JB but sadly the MUA that I asked quit few months back and was due for labor during my wedding. I even asked for suggestions from Oscar as he was from JB, did some research here and there and finally, screwed that. I shut my eyes and texted Farel, the one who did my make up for my engagement.

No more female MUA, sobs. I was just so tired of finding one, because I was very particular especially on make up.

Was I satisfied?

Of course!! I just couldn't believe that he could dolled me up like that! My skin looked perfect, the make up stays until late evening and even for someone with oily skin, I don't need any touch up trough out the day. Even when he arrived an hour late, he managed to stay composed and finish within 1 1/2 hr.

The price? Very very very reasonable!

Thanks Farel! Ps: email me if you need his number ;) He is based in JB anyway.


bunga daisy said…
chanteks...tak over do..
it's gonna be classic after 10 years frm now
chezzem said…
Thanks dear :)
Erin said…
nak no die!
mama leen said…
cantik sangat bunga dan baju... memang 10 kali like la.. :)
Nilam Hamzah said…
Hye, sorry I couldn't find your email address. Can I please have his phone number? Thank you so much in advance! You will be really helpful :)



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