Of Mini Dais & Dais

From the beginning, I do want to have my solemnization at home. But I do not want to share the same pelamin with my reception the next day so to save our pockets from spending on unnecessary things, we decided to do our own mini pelamin for the nikah.

I did some research online, something that was simple and easy and came up with the paper fan thing. I know in the next two years, paper fan won't be relevant, but hey, I just do whatever fit the theme (& budget!).

The initial plan was using newspaper, cheap, rustic and soooooooo 'green'! Tried to make some few days before the nikah but after few strokes of colouring using watercolour, I decided to forgo the idea and scout for coloured paper the next day. Hahaha. Ok I know my sister is laughing her ass off now hahaha. So I went to Popular, Alhamdulillah got the perfect shade of teal and bought some light yellow to tone it down a bit.

Only that, after folding and assembling, the paper fans weren't enough. And I still need to find some pillows! A day before the nikah itself, I went to Tebrau City and bought the rest of light yellow paper they had in store and also some dark brown paper. Went to Jusco and bought the three beige pillows (which I thought were cheap for medium size!). The two big pillows and covers on the other hand were Mom's, or my sister's whatever haha.

It was my berinai night on Friday night. My auntie came around 9.30pm and I know I have yet to settle the pelamin. With my inai on, I just told my cousins and Syima to fold and assemble the rest of the papers. Remove my henna around 3am start attaching the paper fans on the curtain.


Oh, no. Afi did helped a bit before he leaved me alone before Subuh T_T

First attempt: use stapler to attach the paper to the curtain.

Failed big time!! The papers started to falling off. What happened if its fall on Tok Kadi? Hihi.

Second attempt: sewing it. A hard way, but safest way. I ended up sewing all papers to the curtains until Subuh!

Mom woke up around 5am and was surprised seeing me on the ladder sewing the paper. Instead of feeling sorry for the bride, she said;

'Patut letak mulut and a nose on the paper. Hahahaha'

Tsk tsk. Yes I know that looked kind of a Mickey for me (or you!) but I just don't know where else to put that two dark brown fans.

The bantal nikah were complimentary from our dais maker, Dedaun Bridal.

I only know about Dedaun Bridal & Photography 2 months before my wedding when something came up with the previous bridal and left us pelamin-less. I searched here and there, but no offense, none bridal from JB suits my taste. Then I found them from here. And I know if Allah wills, I want them for my wedding.

Alhamdulillah, I called her rightaway and she was free on my date. It was hard to get her reply to all my emails (nampak sangat tak sabar! Haha) but be patient people, the waits paid off! Even when we only managed to finalized on the design a month before the wedding -_-

I wanted a vintage concept for the wedding and she came up with this;

I fell in love with it instantly! I might not get all fresh flowers pelamin (yes I know membazir but I want it) because we need to spare the budget for the transportation cost but Kak Hawa was such a sweetheart she gave me bundles of fresh flowers in the small vases.

I requested for yellow/soft pink theme as I really do not want to blend in the pelamin too much with my attire. As much as I love pink, pink pelamin + pink attire? No no no.

And even when I hate orange *gulp* telan je la. Hahahaha.


LisaLisut said…
cantikla chezzem. i like it :)
chezzem said…
Thnaks Lisa :D
oshinz said…
pelamin resepsi akak tu same macam yang kite angan-angan kan. oh gosh! cantik!!!
chezzem said…
Hah jangan berangan jeeee! Cepat2!!Hehe
melissa rina said…
salam.. hye chezzem.. sangat2 suke ur pelamin :)) sooooo sweet!! sya tgh blur lagi ni hahah.. aiyoo~~~ ur blog byk bantu tq ;)
Anonymous said…
Hi chezzem.. do u mind sharing how much dedaun bridal quote u for d dais since u were not taking full package (wit make up, attire etc). Include milage since they r based in batu pahat. I'm b2b from jb too. Mail me at azlina_MN87@yahoo.com. Thanks dear.

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