Of wedding attires.

I thought it was easy to find a perfect dress.

Flip magazine. Spot one. *zapppppppp* Paste it in my wedding book.

I thought it was easy! Nooooooooooo. Because by the time when it was time to get one, all the dresses were either out-dated or no longer my preferences. Yes, I kinda fall behind with that rule. Unless its Carolina Herrera.

And I decided not to go through all the hassle of finding a new designer, I just settled with the one my sister did, Oscar from Butik Lagenda, Maju Junction. I'd met him few times during my sister's fitting and thought he was nice, at least I know I can rely on him.

During our first meeting, I had no idea on what I want. Well, my idea was maybe he could give me some ideas on what suits my body. But he was clueless (even more clueless than me!) so I thought "Hey, let's meet up again in a week?".

Time passed by and a week later, I still had no idea on what I want. Or precisely,I had no time pun to do some research. On our way to the boutique, I Google-ed wedding dress and a dress from Rizalman Ibrahim caught my eyes. It was peplum, using chiffon in three layers. 

Seriously, I never had any idea peplum was 'in' this year. I don't even knew what peplum was, and even Oscar. It was in February I guees so I just asked what was his opinion. 

Went to Jakel few days after that, and boy it was hard to find the perfect lace! I wanted a corded lace, but the price kinda bugger me. I wanted the exact lace like this

(the bottom lace, not the top)

but the price again, *gulp*. Obe almost bought it anyway for me but no way I am going to spend so much on the lace ONLY. So when we saw a mannequin next to the escalator, after so many rolls of lace, I told Obe I wanted something like that.

It was a love at the first sight for me. And Obe. Even when its pink! Hehe. But after buying all the material , I thought I don't want a chiffon peplum. The colour was a bit off with the dutchess satin so I asked him to do this instead;

or this,

But obviously we settled for the second one.

We had few fittings but there weren't that much alteration needed. Only that during the first fitting, both me and Obe's reception attires were too tight, although we didn't gained. Even Obe popped his button when he was squatting trying to reach his shoes! Hahaha. And some alteration on the front of the skirt so that it won't show that much skin while sitting.

And I almost cut the train but my sister told me not to.

The turban on the other hand was the chiffon that I initially bought for the peplum. I'd been wanting to wear a turban for reception so I specifically asked Oscar not to do any embellishment on the dress (even when he doesn't agree! Hehe). And because the dress was too 'bare' sans any jewelries, I decided to don a big big big headpiece. Hehs. Something like this;

Found a perfect template from Martha Stewart, I used the leftover from my dutchess satin, bought cheap organza & net,  brooches from Philippine Market and started doing all within a week. And I was so glad it turned out just like how I wanted it to be :D

For Obe's, we just asked Oscar to do a suit and rent the boutique's samping and tanjak for the reception.

For the solemnization, I seriously had no idea on what to wear. We discussed with Oscar and he suggested going for kaftan, which at first I refused because my sister wore kaftan for her engagement hahaha! Then we found this;

Yes yes, so instead of the usual kaftan, we go for lace sleeves. And I wanted some embellishment on the shoulder, with 3d flowers and pearl, along with the veil. I wanted to get a soft and flowy effect so I opted for chiffon with a heavy crepe for the lining. And bought the same crepe for Obe's baju melayu too.

Oscar sampai demam buat detailing because he only had like a week to do it haha.

Obe took all the dresses alone from Oscar. When he arrived in JB, I was checking on the dresses when;

"You, ni je ke? Veil? Samping u mana?"


He left the two paperbags at the parking space in Maju Junction! T_T We called Oscar and he told us he'll check it tomorrow. Thank god someone returned those bags to the security or else Obe memang rasa guilty sampai habis kahwin hahaha.

For the tudung aka inner, I just borrowed my sister's haha. She used it for her solemnization a year ago, still in a very good condition so I just borrowed from her. Also malas nak carik lagi. Hehe.

So guys, head up to Lagenda to get an awesome wedding dress! I know ramai tanya, you can get the same design, just look for Oscar nanti. Even when I came for my final fitting, someone spot my kaftan and asked him to do the same design for her. I even saw the same sketch on the desk. Errrr.

Pricewise? Average. Not that over the top price and bukan jugak that cheap. But definitely will burn a hole in your pocket! Hahaha.

Love the detailing! I think Oscar did a wonderful job!

edit: P.S. Just my opinion, I don't think everyone can pull peplum dress that well. Depending on your body type, you might ended up looking like an accidental pregnant bride or too straight, it didn't accentuates your curves. Ask for suggestion from your tailor/designer on where the peplum should start from. As I have a very high waist (always a big problem), the cutting made me look even more taller. The best thing was, I don't wear any corset, I can breathe normally, no sucking in and the best part, I can eat my food! Haha.


LisaLisut said…
gorgeous gila lah speechless. u ni mmg kreatif sungguh.u kurus lawa la pkai peplum. wpn i teringin nk pkai peplum but looking at my body right now,errrr better not hahahah
chezzem said…
Aaaaa peplum tu mmg buat i kurus. Maybe the cutting kot. Hehehe. Tp now mcm dah tak muat je hahahaha

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