Surviving cooking for one: How to make your own chicken stock?

When my cousins moved out few months back when I was in KK, I was left with an even bigger dilemma. No, not the living alone nightmare but to survive cooking and eating for one. Tsk.

For the longest time of my life, I only learned how to cook those fancy meals, but not fried rice, fried mee, you know, those 'bujang''s food? Oh if instant noodles counts, then yeah, I have one meal. Hehe. So from having zero knowledge on single meals, I have learn quite a few actually.

I find it easier to have a complete meal in one plate. Cooked 1 pot rice, fried, done. Boiled some pasta, prepare the sauce, done. Phew, life was much easier back then! And Obe must be proud of me because I usually just ask him to make one for me well because, he was bujang obviously? Haha.

Then I thought, hey, I should make my own chicken stock (because most of the recipes need one especially when I had my pasta craving)!

1 chicken carcass
1 whole bombay onion
Some carrots (I used baby carrots, because I bought too many for my salad, another bujang's meal!)
And leek.

 Now, diced all except the carrots (unless you use a whole carrot). Throw in the chicken in a pot, along with all the ingredients, add some water until 3/4 full, and let it simmer for a good 1 hours.

Yes you need that long to get all the juice (and oil) from the chicken. Let it cool, skim out the fat, or you're like me, skip it :p Remove the chicken and carrots, drain your stock and keep it in a container according to your preference. I kept it in few sizes to make it easier for me.
Depending on your freezer, it can last up to a month!

Oh now, dig in on those juicy carrots and tender chicken. The chicken was so tender you just want to eat it alone! Hehe.

Ps: I used this in my pasta, mee/bihun soup.


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