Over the weekend.

Now that it is no longer relevant to drive back and forth to KL from JB, I must get used to riding a bus each time :(

My brother in law had his convocation last Sunday so I decided it might be a perfect time for me to crash Obe and my brother's place for the weekend. And maybe I can get a sniff of a new comfortable shoes I've been wanting too (tapi still tak dapat, sobs!).

Arrived on Friday evening, fetched by Obe then dashed to Ikea before the Friday traffic madness starts. We had a pretty late lunch that day and while eating, saw a post by Vivy on this durian charity thingy. That's it, we are sooooo going since Obe is a durian fan and he is up for anything as long as its cheap and Musang King hahaha.

Arrived around noon after a couple of hours driving to Bentong (but more to Raub I guess?), bought the durians and rushed back to KL as Obe's parents were waiting for us. They weren't that many people when we arrived maybe because the traffic started to building up when we were on our way so we got some time to chat a bit with Vivy and her mother in law (they were nice anyway! Esp the MIL!).
And she recognized me! Haha. 

Because, 4 years ago, she made me this....

Of course it will look better if I didn't lose the 'H'. And of course I paid her :p

Went straight to Obe's sister's house in Ampang where his family was all ready for durian feast. The drive back took only an hour!

We woke up early on Sunday, even after catching up a really late movie at Sunway the night before (IMAX screen was awesome! Try it guys!). Called his parents and was informed they would be out of the hall around 2pm. But we decided to came early anyway around 11am for breakfast. As our drinks arrived, his Mom called and they were already out of the hall! *gasp*

And finding a parking in UITM at this peak hour was freaking damn hard! We found one anyway, illegally, ahah.

 Group photo! No I'm not pregnant. Tsk. And no, I'm not that buncit, I guess it was the angle?

Syafiq & his girlfriend, who received ANC award. Congrats Atyn ;)

Went back to JB on Monday with tummy full with durians, ulam kampung, sambal belacan and home full with workloads from the thesis and baking. Whoaaaaaaaaaaa!


LisaLisut said…
pttla i rs mcm kenal je muka lelaki di blog vivy smlm.haha its ur husband rupanya! jenuh la i duk pk kat mana nmpk muka mamat ni hahahahhaa

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