Of wedding favours: Reception.

Let's start back with the review. OMG sangat la delay T_T The only time I had with the laptop on is only for  chapter writing. Gahhhh stressnya!

So I think the most hardest thing was, finding a cheap, useful, and definitely something that Mom would agree. But still fit in out theme; vintage-shabby-ish. 

We prepared two wedding favours. One was for the solemnization and another one for the reception.

My criteria of a wedding favour was;

1. One useful item. Something that they can keep and use, not just for display or toss it around.
2. And one non-perishable food.

I am totally against a goodies bag, with all kind of gifts/food in it. Just totally not something that I'm looking forward too, but hey, that's just my opinion ;) 

Then one of my mom's friend (almost like an auntie to us) insisted to sponsor one of the item for wedding favours, which was....

an instant tudung!

Alhamdulillah I know murah rezeki someone wanted to sponsor, but being (paranoia!) me, I thought like, errr does it fit the theme? Haha. And finding another favour yang do compliment the tudung was kinda a bummer for me. And Obe. I liked the idea of giving a personalized tote bag for the guests but *gulp*, the price was way way way freaking expensive!

Yeah something like these.

What was I thinking anyway?

But it does fit the theme! Sobs.

Ok now hold that. So obviously we couldn't give all who came the tudung right? I mean, for non-muslims? And guys? That one, ladies and gentleman, I just leave it to my sister! Haha. After some breakdown and almost giving up, my sister and Mom went to Ayer Hitam and suggested for this cute nail clipper in individual boxes (you can find it at most shops now) so I immediately agreed.

As for the non-perishable food, I was lucky as I was in Sabah back then so I can easily deal with the distributor. We bought around 10 boxes of loose Sabah's Tea :D Yaeyyy! At least we get something from Sabah for the guests kan?

Since I really wanted a cotton bag, and after asking my sister, me and Obe went and bought metres of kain cotton belacu (as what they called, tsk), cut it then leave the big bundle of pieces for my sister and Mom to sew hehe. The production was so slow that my sister had to take over when Mom went to Aussie, taraaaa within few days dah siap hehe.

Oh and we custom made 2 rubber stamp, each around 5x5 inch kot, bought arcylic paint, and stamp our bags either in pink (for ladies) or yellow (for guys and non muslims).

As usual, my grandma tied all the ribbons hehe. Yes she became an expert now, she can finished all that in a blink!

For the kids: I just used small organza bags which I found in my sister's treasure (where she stores all her wedding stuff) still unused, bought some candies and chocolates and tadaaa :)

Left: Yellow bag. Right: pink bag.

For the VIPs aka groom's family, I'd always wanted to give out cake in a jar. I know macam a bit outdated or lame la kan, but I want I want I want! Even if it means I had to stay up until subuh finishing all my baking. Even if my bridesmaids all got zombified accompanying and helping me sorting out all the jars. Even when my mom had to go to Tesco at 8am on the wedding day itself and bought Ferero Rocher because the bride was so kaput couldn't finished all the jars :p

Yes dear.

I slept after Subuh on the wedding day.
Nana and Syima accompanied and helped me preparing the jars. They even fall asleep on the couch while waiting for the cake.
Mom went to Tesco as we opt for plan B.


Padan muka aku.

Hopefully, people will make use of the bag. What did I use it for?

Storing my toiletries/make up when travelling and Al-Quran :) 


LisaLisut said…
seriously, i rs raikan cinta ptt cover ur wedding.haha lg unik kot.drpd duk tunjuk wedding mewah bagai..
chezzem said…
alololo. I mana layak masuk teebeeeeeee Lisa! Lols!
Wahh i feel so special for receiving yang ada cake!
And the cotton bag? Simpan ubat2an Mikhael time travel. Sometimes dia pakai jadi handbag -_-"
chezzem said…
Oh chomelnyaaaa mikhael! hahaha. Hah tu la special tu. Pandai pulak mummy bagi kat kawan2 hehehe

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