Of wedding favours: Solemnization

As for the solemnization, from the beginning I do wanted Yassin as our doorgift. As simple as that. No snacks or tidbits or anything, just a personalized Yassin. I did get few quotations from few vendors; Howaboutparty Jaja, Creatively Designed, I Like Card, Gadis Jumaat etc. But finally deciding to just take the one from Creatively Designed as they quoted the best price for 200pcs.

The ordering process was easy, just few clicks, the invoice was ready to be printed out.

We had a rough time choosing what colour was the best so we just chose the safest combo colour: yellow and grey. Got our names printed on the back of the cover, and that's it.

Instead of using organza bag, I go the hard way and ended up wrapping all 200 yassin for a week!

Since I got some paper tissue, leftover from the engagement and twine too, I just wrapped it neatly almost like an envelope, tied twine around it and paste a DIY sticker (got it from Weddingchicks) on the ribbon. That's it. Oh there were two different tissues, the other one was from Jusco. Ran out of the plain green tissue.

Oh my sangat membazir time until my mom prepared a workstation for me in her room since I took that much space in the hall T_T


seriously santek..very d wedding omputih..haha
LisaLisut said…
i belek majalah ape ye last friday lupaaa.ade gmbr kawin u laa.weewittt ;p
chezzem said…
Rina: haha berangan kan I? Nak beach wedding tak dpt, so lols!

Lisa: Hahahaha. Inspirasi perkahwinan. Amboi, baca mag kawen lagi ke? Hehehe

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