Wonder Girls, not again!

If you have been reading this blog long enough, you should know that Obe is a fan of Wonder Girls. Yup, the cute girls who can dance and make your jaw drop from overloaded cuteness.

One day he showed me a video,

Sayang! Belajar lah dance macam ni. You boleh buat tak?
Meh tengok. Hurmmmm boleh kot. Senang je ni.
Hah belajar la. I geram tengok. Macam nak eeeee cubit2 je pipi.


ps: just for your info, nope, I haven't try the routine. Tried the chorus and over strained my hamstring, so that's it. Sorry bebeh. You can watch them on Youtube sampai muntah :p


Anonymous said…
exercise nak kuruskan paha bagus ni.
dulu kat usm pasang lagu kuat2 tiru dance korean sekarang, rasanya akan sakit belakang 2minggu
ZR said…
Try watching kazaky's love video and dance to the song. WITH 5 INCH HEELS LIKE HOW THEY DID.
chezzem said…
Oh my ZR, jaw dropped!

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