Of wedding photographer.

Before I started to sum it all up what's left from the wedding (gosh it took forever!), I guess I have one thing that deserve its own post.

The first thing we decide during wedding planning was the photographer. It is something that I guess, should something that is totally worth it, quality-wise and price-wise.

So basically we started scouting for one in November, and booked them in December! Sure, I'd few people in my mind but never came across to the one hired. Maybe because they're based in Sabah?

I studied every picture of each photographer, from the angle, style, ambiance, cinematography, and even candid shots. I wanted something that is memorable, something that represent the actual day, not something that is made up (I once attend a wedding where you actually had to wave in EVERY shots!).

We don't mind spending so much on photographer, because hey, after all the madness, what's left is the memory (from the pictures). 

I came across them when we were looking for a photographer in Sabah since the initial plan was to have two receptions for my wedding; one in JB and another one in Sabah. And so the search began. After comparing price whatsnot, they offered me a good price, for both locations! And I did fall in love with their job. Jaw-dropped, OMG suka gila! But when we couldn't find a place that fits our budget, we had to let go our dream of having an intimate beach wedding *sreeettttt* The only thing was, we already paid a deposit T_T After few discussions (this time around I asked Obe haha) and changing dates, finally we settled for a date that agreed by all.

Months to the wedding, I keep on asking Obe if we did the right decision of hiring them. C'mon, why brought that far for just some pictures? But he keep telling me that we should follow our guts, and keep on praying that's the best for us.

And we did guys!

Yes we did!

They were (very) professional, they looked into all these small details; handbags, Obe's necklace, baby's undies. They even remember whom to photograph with. Like this picture with Mommy,

Jofanna (the wife) kind off pulling mom for few pictures after I had finished my make up when she brought my ex-colleagues from Nilai to meet me.

Mommy mommy! Let's take a photo first!

Yes, she called her Mummy hahaha. Sweet!

I keep on reminding them "Obe kayu! Please help him" hahahahaha.

Dont worry Shaleen. That's our job.


I like how they captured each moments, candids, beautifully.

Poco poco dance. Wajib. We missed out all the fun later that day with the relatives (was told they danced until late evening!) because we went for the outdoor shoot.

And I love how they plan shots for the outdoor! It was surreal at first, when I browsed through all the pictures in the DVD. It was magical!

I was in pain the whole shooting. The ball of my feet were burning, oh my I wanted to cry badly T_T I think George realized I was in pain he kept on telling me to hold on.

Shaleen, I know you're tired and in pain. Tapi cuba tahan. Sikit lagi, sikit lagi.

And he went shooting for hundreds more T_T

He guide me where to place my hand, how low should I bend, if I was slouching and what angle should I turn (oh one time he asked me to turn to the camera sampai almost juling oke mata! Hahaha).

Seriously guys, I never expect all these. I thought datang and shoot je *slap face*

We haven't receive our wedding album and prints yet. Taking our own sweet time choosing all the photos haha. 

In case you're looking for a photographer from KK, heads up to Jofanna Bridal! They're husband & wife, seriously you'll be entertaining with George's wittiness and Jofanna's cuteness. They work great together though.

Seriously recommended, guys!

Here's their contact to make your life easier hehe.

Tel : +6 088 731 349
email: info@jofannabridal.com

Lot 13, 1st floor, Block B, Plaza Grand Millennium,
Penampang By Pass Road,
88300, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

George & Jofanna
B, we did the right decision kan amek Jofanna?
Yes baby ;)


LisaLisut said…
gosh lawa gila kot gmbr kawin u. mmg berbaloi la amik dr jauh pun.hehe
chezzem said…
Haaaa berbaloi jugak bayar mahal2 hahaha. Eh tukar url! Haha no wonder blog dah remove i heran jugak
Atie said…
hahahhaa tak dek la nampak kayu sgt obe nye tu :D

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