Oh, Hello.... Blog?

Are you there?


I know it is wrong for me to do this, abandoning you my blog for nearly 4 months. Ahah. But well, obviously I was so busy that I finally post something up here when I am on my 10 days MC! Weehoo.

Now that's heaven.
Or not.

Honestly, I did lost some momentum in writing especially when all I read now are scientific journals, really not helping me as I keep on staring at this blank post so many times until I finally decided well, maybe this (the blog) can wait.

As for some of the wedding reviews, I really wish I could finish it before July. Just so that one day, looking back at all the entries, I won't forget at how magical it was that day, on our wedding day. So what's new? Other than the 'excitement' of studying, I'm still juggling between meeting thesis datelines and  baking. I blame it on my lack of skill in time management, leaves me with some sort of depression. Fuh.

So sorry blog! I have just been very, very busy.

Or malas.

Depending on how would I define it.

p.s. Received a very sad news yesterday. One of our cousin passed away yesterday morning. She was a fighter, until the very end. And will be loved, eternally.

Rest in peace, Kak Tity


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