Hello, growing belly!

Well, remember how I was telling you in my last post that I was busy growing?

No kidding, man.

I am growing!

Recently taken few days ago at 7 months.

Both of us!

Me at 26 weeks and Obe errr, 24 weeks? Haha

It was an unexpected but planned journey. How unexpected and how planned? Well, it is no longer a secret that I do have some unfortunate fertility problem. Can read it here for more stories. I was taken aback a bit in the beginning before finally patching things up and keep on praying, not for a miracle, but for the best for both of us and family.


Will share more on the story later :)

Right now I just hope I can finish my study soon, obviously not on time since I passed the timeline few months ago :(


comelness!!! dah scan? i guess..mmm..let me keep my guess first hehehe :D

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