Of what's left from our wedding.

Well, I know it took me ages to finish all (Ahah!), so lets sum it all up in one post before I started rummaging again my picture folder.

Catering & Canopy

Obviously, the one and only Haji Taha Catering. Discussion were made between me, Mom and the caterer months before the wedding. And since they did for my borther's and sister's and also my engagement and kenduri, I just leave it all to the caterer. All I had to do was to confirm on the table arrangement for the VIP and the canopy.

I really wanted a marquee tent -_- Like really really bad. Hj. Taha's son, Azhar told us that they just bought a marquee tent, still new, only being used once. Oh my godddddd. But after calculating on the budget between a marquee and arabian canopy, the figure was too high that it took me days to forgo the idea.


Now, for the theme colour, I knew from the beginning I wanted a soft yellow tone. Not cream but YELLOW. We went to their store but couldn't find the perfect shade so I asked Azhar if he could buy a new set for me. Alhamdulillah he said yes!

And so I laid back and let them do their wonders ;)

Oh and I also asked them to provide pulut kuning for our cake cutting ceremony ;)

Great food, great service. Nothing beats that.

Kompang and Entertainment

Well oh well, introducing our very own kompang Malabar, by one of our Uncle who also did for my sister's.

The best thing about kompang Malabar is that they would entertain you through out the event! But only if you can stand the noise and talking in high pitch voice all the time hehe.

They asked us to prepare some space for their kompang troupe to perform, so basically we prepared one canopy for them :p And let them go-ga-ga fuhhh.

Well, just in case if you wanted to hire them (highly recommended. Was told many Malay's weddings pun hired them!);

Kelab Kompang Al-Munawarah
Taman Kota Masai, Pasir Gudang, JB
En. Kadir 019-7865495/019-7722098

Main Table Deco

That's easy.

My sister!

Ah I am so blessed to have wonderful people around me hehe. So, I gave her some inspirations and theme colour;

And the hunt for empty bottles and jars begin. I was amazed at how many bottles and jars we had during the wedding since we only started collecting a couple of months before that. I brought back some from Sabah inc those empty olive oil's bottles. Obe was forced to drink V-Soy bottles (haha!) everyday, my sister brought back some from Dubai, those empty pickles' jars and olive oil's. Even some of friends helped us collecting those empty bottles. Saves a lot!

As for the flowers, my sister ordered from Floristika, Bangsar. I specifically asked for some gerbera daisy and let her decide what would compliment the table.

The outcome?

Magical T_T It was too beautiful, if I must say.

Obe helped me bought wooden letter from Typo (I think now semua pun beli wooden letter from there), I asked the catering to provide white curtain as the backdrop, and tadaaa. Only that, it looked more like 'FOS' instead of F*love*S haha.

Photobooth and that extra few deco

For the photobooth, I was inspired by this;

And we get;

Shot at night.

Shot during the day.

Remember I told you we can only plan, but in the end if we couldn't make it then just let it go and used whatever you had at that moment. Well, I know the human size alphabet was impossible, so we just used wooden letter and hang it using tali tangsi. My brothers knew what they should do, basically, we had something tied on in our garden everytime there were engagements/weddings. But this time around, I asked them to tied the fairy lights too.

Frames were bought from IKEA, some were my sister's from her wedding a year before mine. Lanterns were as usual, our treasure for few years already since the first wedding of the family.

We also hang the lanterns on our car porch at where the pelamin located. Mustard yellow on the porch and white on the corridor.

Remember I wanted a signage on my wedding? I asked my brother to find some used woods from his construction site. A day before my solemnization, I almost forgot about the signage. Luckily we had some white paint in store so I started to scribble the woods in the morning and let it dry. Should have done a second layer but I totally forgot to do so!

On my wedding day, I asked my brother and two cousins to assemble the signage pasal the bride lupa muahaha.

I know they must be wondering 'So much for a wedding eh? Leceh'. What to do. Haha.

We placed it next to Mom's table aka the doorgift area.

Wedding bouquet

None than the other by, my Sister! Hehe. Such a gifted hand, unlike me *sigh*

Couldn't get any clear picture of my nikah bouquet. This was by far the closest I can get. Up until now pun I still don't know what type of flower was that haha.

And for sanding;

Still, couldn't figure out if it were orchids or flowers?


So that's it. Alhamdulillah. After almost two of wonderful years, finally managed to finished my entries on my side's wedding. Still have the groom's side. Well, just in case I knocked my head up and lost my memory, at least I have some virtual diary, kan?


LisaLisut said…
ya allah bestnye..semua cantik2.. u r so lucky to have a sister like Maneesa. pinjam kakak please. hahahaha.

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