Just so you know, I gave birth already :p

Well, Hello!

I know its been like 4/5 months since the last update, haha. I don't know what happened, seriously. Not that I lost my blogger's password anyway, but I suddenly get pretty reserved huh?

And I gave birth to a baby boy 2 months ago! Time really flies.

One day, I was planning to update more on the wedding. Then I got pregnant.
One day, I was planning to update on my pregnancy journey. Then I went into labour.
One day, I was planning to update on my labor experience. Then I got pregnant again.


Hahaha. Not until at least a year, contradict with what I've planned (alone, Obe was not supportive with having too close baby) before. Konon nak as soon as possible gitu. Knowing it won't be easy for me to conceive naturally.

But to imagining me going into another labor. I still remember vividly crying for immediate labor aka I wanted to poop him out rightaway, badly.

Ah well. One year, please!

Will share with you more on the labor in the next entry, composed but yet to publish. For the time being introducing you our little bundle joy,


All clean and fair from drinking VCO and coconut water through out the pregnancy haha!

And he is two months now! Sorry teleng kepala u guys.
Ps: you can find me more on Instagram (@chezzem). Not that I religiously posting there tapi ok lah compared to blogging kan. Don't worry, I don't do selfies. Occasionally, yes but rarely *peace*


1st! haha! lemme know when ure coming to kl tau! nak jumpe budak putih ni!
LisaLisut said…
comel gle ok. nama pn sedapp!
nama u pn sdp laaa(not because ade lisa hahaha). nama kakak u pn sedap. eh.
chezzem said…
Kak sofiah:

Of course! Hehe. Kasi kenen ngan mawara sikit hehe


keturunan nama sedap? Haha

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