Obe was browsing through his precious external hard disk the other day. The one with thousands (or millions?) of photos from our dating time. And as we browse through it brings back so many memories, be it sweet or bitter.

Those days when we were young. And THIN!

Oh my god, where were our fat back then? Now I cannot stop expanding T_T

Those days when I wasn't in hijab yet, it was way too sexy T_T Patut la Obe tergila gila hahaha.

Things were perfect back then. And now even more with Farish's around.
Tapi still nak kurus macam dulu. Even Obe cakap he don't like me that thin tapi I was confident back then. 

The three of us.
Alhamdulillah for that.


LisaLisut said…
i agree with Obe. u lawa jugak bila berisi skit. kekeke.maintain jela.nsb xnaik byk mcm i haha

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