The pregnancy in summary

I know this is a bit overdue. Who shares story on pregnancy after their labor kan? Haha. But since I have this short term memory, I think its better for me to at least write something down, which might came handy for the next baby?

Before pregnancy

I had another surgery on May 2013. Another cysts removal and ovarian drilling before starting off our treatment on getting pregnant. We tried to do it alternatively for a year and finally deciding its time when Obe's financial was getting stable. The operation this time left visible scars than before, most probably because I went to a different doctor this time. Not that he wasn't good or apa, but he had less experiences and skills than the previous.

I kinda rest after the surgery, no heavy exercise etc and my weight went up! Hiks. Not helping when actually you had a broken scale at home that tells you were 5kg lighter than the actual!

Remember when I told you this is a precious pregnancy? So precious we actually conceived it via IUI on our first attempt, Alhamdulillah. After considering all the prices, we actually went to a gov subsidised clinic, Klinik Nur Sejahtera under LPPKN. Because deep down I knew it all came from Allah, private or government, when Allah said it is not time yet, then its not. We went there on Oct 2013 and was scheduled for an IUI on early Dec. I even went to Penang with a cooler box to store my medicines!

I did an urine test a day after Christmas and oh boy, I was pregnant! The long awaited pee stick!

The first trimester

I didn't puke all day long but the nauseous came all day mostly towards late evening. Puke once in the evening, and another one or two at night. Did not had that big appetite like other pregnant mothers (this last until delivery), feeling lowsy and dreaded to go to UTM every morning. So I ended up sleeping like a whale until late afternoon. Took a longer nap after lunch then bangun duduk kat garden watching the cats.

I had few bleeding in the first few weeks, changed my obs few times until I met Dr. Tokha. He gave me three jabs for three weeks and few medicines untuk kuatkan rahim. I also got sick most of the time throught out the 1st trimester. Fever, flu and cough attacked alternately every week.

And I had skin problem especially in the lower limbs. My legs became so dry and coarse. Black patches appeared all over it including my hip area. And itchy too. Went to my skin specialist and he gave me some cream to put on. And when at times I became so lazy to do it, Obe would volunteered, oh thanks Darling. 

I was never fond of pickles/jeruk or asam. And never did during this pregnancy. But my love for sweet desserts were completely killed by the pregnancy. I can no longer eat chocolates (the worst!), cakes, ice cream etc T_T Didn't gain weight or lose any pun. My weight went static thank god.

Emotion-wise, so far ok. No drama jam 4 dengan Obe so, ok la kot.

The 2nd trimester

Weight increased up to 8kg by this time. Doesn't feel sluggish like what I'd experienced during the first and so I was back to being active like before. Get the occasional leg cramps at night and everytime I did, I'd gobbled down few calcium pills the morning after. Also experienced yeast infection in my vagina errr. Got 5 days supply of medicines to be inserted to ehem, there.

The 3rd trimester

Still active. Didn't feel that heavy until the final last weeks. Got another yeast infection and slightly worst so the doctor advised me to take yogurt everyday as frequent as I can. I ended up eating 2 tubs per day. The scary stretchmark finally came at 37th weeks, the skin must be stretching too much by now nasib baik beranak awal boleh reduce the chance of getting it worst. I literally smothered myself in various lotions. My remedies were;

  • Palmers stretchmark lotion
  • Safi olive oil
  • Palmers itchy oil
  • Mama's body lotion (a korea lotion Obe bought for me)
 As per weight erm, pre pregnancy weight was 57kg (remember the weight scale story? I thought I was 53!! Damn you weight scale. If only I knew memang dah exercise. No wonder I couldn't fit into my jeans anymore!). It went up to 71.4kg on the last day. Weehooo my first 7 series weight! Oh bummer.

Currently at 2 and a half months postpartum, I am at 64kg. Long way to go my dear. Lets do this!


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