Thank you 2016

Hello 2017!

Its been awhile, I know. Too long actually.
I went 'missing' for the whole 2016! Didn't realized that until now.
What used to be my favourite place to rant, became the last place for me to even had a glimpse. 
I miss writing, I really do.
And I miss reading too.

Well, let's just hope 2017 will be a good year, that I can fill in the blank pages.
Its good to have a memory 'virtually'.
I have poor memory, hence looking back at the old corny posts somehow brought me back to where I were. 
Young, jovial and expressible.
I miss 'then'. But looking forward for 'now'.

Thank you 2016.


Sabrina said…
Happy new year 2017 shaleen!

aku plan nak tulis post baru utk tahun 2017 ni. sekali baca post2 lama sampai tak tertaip post tahun baru aku. hahaha.

nampak comments ko kat post dulu2, so aku pun clicklah profile utk tgk blog ko bersawang ke tak macam aku. sekali nampak ko dah post dah utk tahun 2017! hahhaha

anyway, i hope u keep on writing this year!!

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